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My fascination with photographing horses began when I finally starting riding them a few years ago. I learned an ‘at liberty’ method where the horse would ‘choose’ to join up with me to ride. You could say it’s a ‘ call and response’ method where one has a conversation with the horse. One summer, I rode with a UC Davis group into the high sierra’s to observe wild mustangs in their natural habitat. We rode and camped for several days into the mountains and one day, a wild, baby black stallion came out of the brush and tried to bond with our group. He had been kicked out of his herd by another stallion. You can see his beautiful face below.

The images of horses from Return to Freedom were shot at a private wild horse rescue sanctuary near Santa Barbara. Return to Freedom rescues captured wild horses slated for slaughter. The original bands are kept together and as wild as possible. I often felt invisible while I was photographing them; they were too busy being wild and free to notice me! For every print purchased of my Return to Freedom collection, I will donate 5% back to the horses.